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Lyrics to (i Love) Being In Love With You
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I thought I'd already touched the skyI got to know you and I don't know whyBut all of my life couldn't mean as muchAs just being touched by youI never thought of me growing upGot my directions but the road was roughIt's only the dream of a teenage queenBut somehow I made it throughAnd I'd love to seeThose faces of those friends I left behindAnd even those who spoke for meJust trying to be kindAnd no one said I love you just the wayI know you do* And I love being in love with youLiving inside your heartThe giving and the takingYou are not forsakenI love being in love with youThank you just for choosing meThat we should beBeing in love foreverI stare and wonder at what I foundI just discovered why the world is roundRound in a circle my arms will beAnd diong the same as youIt ain't right it's only for you and meOnly the lonely so it seperatelyKeep it alive on the food of loveBut only the chosen fewIn my life you see some changes in meWe listen and we growAny child that clings to childish thingsis trying to let goAnd up to nowI'd thought I'd seen as far as I could see(repeat * twice and fade out)

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