I Lost My Rainbow Lyrics

Honey Cone

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Lyrics to I Lost My Rainbow
I Lost My Rainbow Video:
Do you remember when
Just waiting around the bend
Was more than fortune, more than fame?
But then you walked away
With my last sunny day
Now all that's left in my life is rain

I lost my rainbow;
I lost my pot of gold
I lost a dream for you
The moment I lost you

When I was loved by you,
I had a patch of blue
A lovely star to wish upon
Without your hand to hold,
I'm lost without a goal
Even the Milky Way is gone


I can't see it in another sky
I can't see it in another's eyes
No other love can calm the storm that's inside of me,
Can bring out the sun and keep me warm
The way it used to be
Will I see sunshine ever again?


(I lost my rainbow, I lost my rainbow
Without your love I'm never gonna find it
I lost my rainbow, I lost my rainbow
Darlin', where are you? Oh!)
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