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Lyrics to I Live in a Trailer Park
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I live in a Trailer Park
and all my neighbors are demons.
They only come out after dark
when no one but me can see them,
I?m the only one that can see them.

The birds here dont sing
and they all have gone blind
from pecking out each other?s eyes
when they saw my neighbors come up from behind
and sprout wings and fly into the night,
sprout wings and fly into the night.

Just last week they took my dear sister
and turned her into a fish.
One of them stuck out his forked tongue to kiss her
and crossed off her name on the list.
So I sat in my trailer with a goldfish bowl,
and the neighbors all knocked on my door.
They say ?Common boy and open your mouth and your soul,
we all know you?re rotten to the core.?

So I have me a new set of horns,
and the wings and a tail to match.
And next week I might finally get a pitch fork,
and some virgins to kill if I ask,
some virgins to kill if I ask

We live in a trailer park!
We all know all kinds of people!
We barbeque babies and sacrifice goats,
but we're really just regular people,
we're really just regular people

Heaven is a lot like a trailer park!
We all wanted to be a resident!
The devil is just like a normal guy.
He could be you, or the priest, or the president.

The road to hell is paved with dirty looks,
good intentions and Christian books.
We invite you to join us come live in the dark,
here in our trailer park, here in our trailer park.
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