Lyrics to I Like The Way
I Like The Way Video:
[First Verse: Kangol Slim]

Baby, I love what'cha doin'
The way you move it
And you groovin' your body up on the dance floor
Baby let me know, if you wanna go
I can take you to the places that you wanna go
If you roll with me, baby you will see
How it is to roll with a H-O-U-N-D
So baby do your thang, makin' it bounce and swang
Make a brotha wanna come over and ask your name
Go head and hustle girl
Hustle round the World

[Chorus: Kangol Slim]

Cuz I like the way
You back that thang on me
Love it when you're shakin' your body
I love it when you turn me down
Make me tell the DJ to play
Whatever you want girl (go head and do your thang)
Whatever you want girl (just make it bounce and swang)
Whatever you want girl (go head and make it move)
Whatever you want girl (cuz I like when you do what you do)

[Second Verse: Kangol Slim]

There's one thing that I got to know
I seen you shakin' from across that floor
When you came to back that thang on me
Was there somethin' that you wanted me to see?
Cuz best believe me girl, maybe I could see
Everything is perfect from your head down to your feet
I love it when you shake
That's why you're really made
Tell the DJ to play whatever you want him to play


[Third Verse: Kangol Slim]

Girl the way that you move
Makes me want to get with you
Girl your body is so sweet
From your head to your feet
Go head and do what you do
Makes me want to get with you
The way you shakin' on the floor
Makes me want you more and more
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