Lyrics to I Like Fucking
I Like Fucking Video:
Hey do you believe there's anything beyond troll-guy reality?
I do. I do. I do.

It get's so hard
Just to be okay
Sometimes being happy baby
Is what I'm most afraid of
Baby you know
It gets so hard for me to fight
I don't know how
I guess I never did
Why don't you show me now
How to lose control

(She's so very I don't care) [x2]

Just cuz my world sweet sister
Is so fucking goddamn full of rape
Does that mean my body must always be a source of pain?
No. No. No.

(She's so very I don't care) [x2]

Just cuz I named it right here sweet chickadee
Don't mean for a minute you should think
I'm the opposite of anything
But if you wanna know for sure I'll tell you
We're not gonna prove nothing, nothing
Sittin around watching each other starve
What we need is action/strategy
I want. I want. I want.
I want it now.

What I want. I believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure babe
I do. I do. I do
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