Lyrics to I Just Resign
I Just Resign Video:
You say you never knew me
Then what are you dragging round here for
Just to talk down to me
And smile as you're heading for the door

You say you'll leave

Ooh, but I wonder
If what you say
Is just a game you play

I just resign

You scream your accusations
While you're calling me baby
Forgive me if I question
That you're just nobly trying to save me

Ooh, but I've been getting so tired
Of what you've been trying

I just resign

Go home now child I ain't your mother
And you ain't been feeding at my breast
Go and find some other
Who'll make you feel the way you think you should have felt with me

Ooh, but it's been circling
Around inside of my head
For some time

I just resign
I just resign
I just resign
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