I Just Don't Believe You Lyrics

Jeff Hanson

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Lyrics to I Just Don't Believe You
I Just Don't Believe You Video:
Look at your face.
Staring across like a diamond knife.
I'll lock the door because I fear their not too far behind.
The sky has gone quietly dark.
How this will end is the same as the start.
Placing a hand on the side of my face you will bring me in.
I know you well let those lies begin.
Do they hear you when you call them?
I have no way to decide.
I've made some mistakes now there's nowhere that's safe how they follow me.
And all that you want you can have but you can't ever leave.
Tell me how this will be wrong, and what you'll do.
The room was still 304.
A man came across who I'd seen once before.
He pulled me aside and then asked me to say if i'd brought a friend.
I said I'm down to just one friend.
Still there are years I've forgotten.
Everything lost you will find.
The evening has come once again as it had many times before.
And I know what you want to do so I think you should go.
Tell me how this will be wrong.
It's al you've known.
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