I Hear America Singing Lyrics

Shel Silverstein

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Lyrics to I Hear America Singing
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I hear America singing
Lifting her voices so sweet and so strong
Like the waves in the wind
Rollin' out, rollin' in
I hear America singing her song
I hear America's song.

The lonesome young cowboy
He sits in his pickup
And sings to his beat up guitar
'Bout truckers and trains and wrecks in the rain
And ladies with cold cheatin' hearts.

And the blushing young bride
Sings Drink With Thine Eyes
And I will pledge with mine
While the crowd in the backroom with tears in their eyes
Harmonize to Old Lang Syne.


The children all laugh
As the Teensy Weensy Spider goes up the spout again
While out on the stage that wild-haired rocker
Sings Lord Won't You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz
And it's Take Me Out To The Ball Game,
And it's Oh Say Can You See
While The Salvation Army Band beats on their drums
Singin' Nearer My God To Thee.


On a dark Jersey street corner under the light
The Boys sing Shboom Shboom
And a million sweet mammas are hummin' tonight
A Rock A Bye Lullaby Tune
And the marchin' platoon sounds off down the highway
Jody Was Here When You Left Your Right
And This Land Is Your Land, This Land is My Land
Rings out through the still of the night.


So Wake Up Wake Up Little Susie
Three Cheers For The Red White and Blue
I'm Goin' To Chicago Babe, Sorry I Can't Take You
You Can Row Row Row Your Boat, Gently Down the Stream
And Let That Midnight Special, Shine Its Ever-Lovin' Light On Me
'Cause I've Been Workin' On the Railroad, All the Live Long Day
So You'd Be the Proudest Lady in the Easter Parade
On the East Side West Side All Around the Town
Like that Bridge Over Troubled Waters I'm Gonna Lay Me Down.

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