I Have To Say Goodbye Lyrics

Regine Velasquez

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Lyrics to I Have To Say Goodbye
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The days with you were endless summers The rains would come but we didn't seem to care Then before I knew I fell in love with you It felt so real, I wondered if you feel it too For many nights I stayed awake `til morning Wond'ring how to ask if you cared Then to my surprise The love I had inside Was something that you didn't seem to share REFRAIN: I have to say goodbye Guess it's time to end it Say goodbye It's the only way Much as I want to cry There simply is no reason why It's hard for me But still I've got to try If love for you cannot be with me There's really nothing more to say Remember whoever may come to share my life You'll always have a special place inside (Repeat Refrain twice) I've got to try Woh ... Wooh ... Goodbye

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