Lyrics to I Hate Cops
I Hate Cops Video:
I hate cops
Whether they're beating some guy senseless
Or gaining weight in donut shops
They'll give you a ticket
File a report
Kick you in the head
And lie about it in court
And I pay taxes so they can make my life real hard
But when a problem comes along they call in the National Guard
I hate cops

Whether they're shooting me with their radar guns
Or burning down marijuana crops
Stalin's KGB, and Hitler's Gestapo were great cops in history
But they could have learned a little from the LAPD
And might doesn't make right when your wrong
And I'd probably get my ass kicked if a cop heard me sing this song
I hate cops

Whether they're on some lame ass TV show
Or making unnecessary traffic stops
With the crime rate so high
And peoples hope at the minimum
They'd rather ticket me than arrest a real criminal
Just like this

Yeah Joe, we got an APB out on a convicted bank robbing, axe murdering, sex fiend just escaped from the federal penitentiary out in Jackson. Uh, oh wait a minute, cancel that all points Wally's meter just expired outside of the store. Yeah, yeah get right on that. Send a SWAT team.

Well it's freedom and justice for everyone
Who wears a badge and carry's a gun
Freedom and justice for everyone
Especially if you're a republican
Freedom and justice for everyone
Except if you're under the age of 21
Freedom and justice for everyone
Unless you're an African-American

And if I had a hammer
And I happened to be a cop
Then I'd bash your fucking head in
Until you dropped
I'd hit you with my fist
And I'd get slapped on the wrist
By the racist jury's
And the messed up criminal justice systems
All over this land

And that's why I hate cops
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