I Guess We're Done Lyrics

The Wrens

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Lyrics to I Guess We're Done
I Guess We're Done Video:
She thinks we're done
Picture her voice calling the boys
But I've waited too long
She's moved across town
And the new one she's found
Is not around

Pictures I took in that book
I first showed you the night we met
They'd make me great if you'd just wait
But our last fight rings on
I was wrong you deserve all the press you get
I couldn't stand being unmanned
I guess that how I saw my gradual fall
With your talent and all
I was wrong

I know I'll be just fine and now I've got all this time
Honey, maybe I could see you
After Christmas got things to give you
Then I'm headed South gonna photograph the land
Where I stand in a sizing to bigger things
What winter wants it takes for months
But I'm too cold to bear sleeping there
In the house that the navy built
Shots of Dad's bridge still on the fridge
But we've poisoned it all and cried out of the hall
I'm done once and for all
I was wrong

I guess we're done
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