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Lyrics to I Got U Stripped
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born alone die alone guess who`s on themicrophone3p muthafucka ill where`s your crew goneit`s like a cure when i bust over my shitcome take a journey with me i make you tripto the land full of lies with a rhyme manifestget with the wickedness i`m young and blessedstressed out let you out like strangerfor a rap lesson cause punk you`re in dangerblow blow cause my word`s like a shothah you`re body is all over the blocklike a gunshot i`m afraid when i get youno need to sweat `cause i`m about to let youtake my hand follow me pass the bottle hennessyget fucked up on the cut that`s the tragedymemories of the good times it sucksthe good die young so i`m bad as fuckstuck on earth for the birth on my planetfuckin`with the ill make sick goddamnedi keep it real to the day idiethat`s why ill make it one for your mindcry of the shy and the fake hip hopperstopper make way for the chiefrockermysterious is what i`m called and deliriousnotorious rest in peace that`s seriousii rock hardcores when i step to the micjust to keep it tight flex the shit all nightspotlight make noise with my voice through thespeakereverytime i rip a rhyme make you wanna freak ahi`m deeper no escape `cause you hear me tho`just in stereo when you see my videojust in case for a race peace cheerioanytime i kill mcs like seriali`m like busta rhymes with the rhyme that i bustbreak mcs down fire asses to dusti hustle on corners with a fat dicktill i die i`m still screamin`rap bitches ain`t shitchorus : now you feel you`re stripped down to thebonenow you feel you`re trapped down in my soul

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