Lyrics to I Got Swag
I Got Swag Video:
E to the y and yeah we so fly
keep you girl on the side
we bakcsseat bakcwards
and you dont gotta ask
my wirst stay smutherd
and a hudred thousands dollars
i just spent on the ride
you just sent on the ride?
yeah i just did it
ya boy stay fitted
like a track meet stride
my ice still showin
my rims still glowin
the hatas still knowin
the i got sawg

and you already know this i c i glow
and i c i know that you could never jump on my nevel
krump on my level
get pumped on my level
get jumped on my level

my jeans are more then your outfit
tell me whats up can tell me if you bout it
too many problems be gowin up
but nothin goin down
till keep goin down
now im standing on the ground
you used to be fly boy
you used to be king
but now i took you thrown
you nothing like hold up

look how i put it down when i put it down
what comes around gon come around
when i jump on tracks and i get those stacks
like boy im the man
i just hope you understand

(Thanks to Michael Shelly for these lyrics)
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