I Give My Heart To You Lyrics

Billy Ray Cyrus

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Lyrics to I Give My Heart To You
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I gave two teeth in a teenage bout For a girl who's name I can't recall Then we broke up. I gave a need to the football team Chasing in High School state champion We almost won. I gave Junior College almost a year Then I gave a grey-hound twenty bucks And that's all I got here. CHORUS: I give all my money for a slice of daily bread I give forty honest hours to a boss I've never met And I gave my soul to Jesus at the age of twenty-two So there ain't much left to offer, but I give my heart to you. I gave a beard and a head of hair To a booked-up captain with a barberish chair That can't bless you. I gave Uncle Sam what he's bugging for Twenty-four months not a minute more I just didn't fit in. Then I gave a high school friend of mine a call And we gave a bargain of a tramp Till we gave up last fall. REPEAT CHORUS 2x

Songwriters: Aldridge, Walt / DiPiero, Bob
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