I Get Nervous In Cars Lyrics

Therefore I Am


Lyrics to I Get Nervous In Cars
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You said this time would be the last-
You said that its over.
You swore to me you'd put the bottle back down.
So many times I've tried to teach you
Keep you from loosing another one.

'Cause she can see right through all the excuses you feed her.
And I know that I can't find any kind of definition-
'Cause you seem so dead to me.
Do you still ask yourself: "Will they remember me?"
Do you still ask yourself: "Why do I even try?"

'Cause we'd die fighting to keep you alive.

You said so softly to me once, while waiting for her:
"You've got so much. Son, you've got the world on your shoulders. So
carry me home."
But I know it won't change.
It won't go away.
And I can't bare to watch you do this to yourself another time
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