Lyrics to I Get Money
I Get Money Video:
Get paper ain't stopping know I might clap
Fuck the block I'd be poppin kids in Iraq
No one ever told me that killing is evil
A.K 47 homie pop innocent people
Skyscrapers falling kids ran from the drama
While I'd be making biz with Sadam and Osama
Removing organs in my Sicilian dreams
It's gorgeous I don't know what a civilian means
Last hours you're a corpse making us your rival
And bombing towers made George Bush my idol
I'm laughing at victims like Julius Caesar
I need a blowjob, a bag of money and a beamer
I'm down with quickness bad slick thinking
Kidnap Afghani bitches, now that's big pimpin
I'd be puffin a key, yall be making origami
So you with you could be me cause I get money

(Thanks to George for these lyrics)
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