Lyrics to I Found Someone
I Found Someone Video:
Don't you know So many things they come and go Like your words that once rang true (Just) like the love I thought I found in you And I remember the thunder Talkin' bout that fire in your eyes But you walked away when I needed you most Chorus: Now, maybe baby maybe baby I found someone To take away the heartache To take away the loneliness I've been feeling since you've been gone Since you've been gone Dry your eyes I never could bear to see you cry Someday your love will shine through Show ya the feelings that ya never really knew Baby don't you lose that thunder Talkin' bout the fire in your eyes You're looking at me, but ya still don't believe Chorus Bridge: Too long on the border line Wonderin' if your love was really mine But you left me with open eyes And when I realized Chorus

Songwriters: Bolton, Michael / Mangold, Mark
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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