Lyrics to I Feel Fine
I Feel Fine Video:
I can remember what you told me yesterday
You said you're leaving me, I'm mad, but please don't stay
I forgot the way you looked when I told you I was hooked on you
Well, it was a lie
I am not the one that makes you sad, it's not my style

Can you recall how many times I didn't say
- want to shoot a second, but you never listen -
What could it be, it was supposed to be this way.
You can't read between the lines
Are you stupid or just blind, 'cause I'm already gone
I don't need this anymore, I feel better than before
So long

You can make me cry
Can you make me smile one more time
And I'll be satisfied
A million lies
Do you know you make me feel alright
you make me feel alright

I'm fine, I've got it all behind me
Breaking up is easy when it's done
I don't mind if this is what it takes
'Cause I feel fine, yeah
I feel fine
Songwriters: DE GREEUW, JACCO
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing
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