Lyrics to I Drink
I Drink Video:
He'd get home at 5:30
Fix a drink, and sit down in his chair
Pick a fight with Mama
Complain about the kids getting in his hair
At night he'd sit alone and smoke
I'd see his frown behind the lighter's flame
Now that same frown's in my mirror
I got my daddy's blood inside my veins

First Chorus:
Fish swim, birds fly
Daddies yell, mamas cry
Old men sit and think
I drink

Chicken TV dinner
Six minutes on defrost, three on high
A beer to wash it down with, then another
Some whiskey on the side
It's not so bad alone here
It don't bother me that every night's the same
I don't need another lover hanging 'round
Trying to make me change

Second Chorus:
Fish swim, birds fly
Lovers leave by and by
Old men sit and think
I drink

I know what I am
But I don't give a damn

(Repeat First Chorus)

I Drink
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