I Don't Wanna Waste Lyrics

Ben L'Oncle Soul

Soul Man

Lyrics to I Don't Wanna Waste
I Don't Wanna Waste Video:
You're the living proof I can be changed
'Cos before us love was just a game
But how did you do I can't explain
You're the one who leave the greater stain

Wherever you are I wanna be
I have you under my skin
Always is ( oh! it's this???)
And every time that you leave me there
I restrain myself not to go
No, no, no, no ,no, no, no

'Cos I don't know much about today
I don't really care for yesterday
All I know is you and me are a pair
You're the first one I don't wanna waste
No, no, no, no ,no

I can't spend my days thinking of you
'cos I gotta work and gotta eat
You're the one subject I can't forget
Please girl give me a break
How come we still get along
'Cos every time that you smile at me
I know I melt like (.....)


I can move forward with a girl like you
That's why I can't let go
I have the feeling you're my everything
Always, yes

Refrain 2x

(Thanks to Julie-Kim for these lyrics)
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