I Don't Wanna Die Anymore Lyrics

The Smith Street Band

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Lyrics to I Don't Wanna Die Anymore
I Don't Wanna Die Anymore Video:
I was wrapped up in my doona and wrapped up in my own head
I spent winter wishing I could do over or be dead
and when we passed on the street I hadn't seen you in like six weeks
and my entire body shook
I missed beats

And I'll come charging at your front door
cause I don't wanna be alone anymore
and leaving isn't what I came here for

and I was hanging out on the corner of 17th and Peachtree
we'd been loading out waiting now for hours for a taxi
words were spoken we skipped steps
my guitar case it hit hard against our legs
bit the bruises I collected on my shins
since the night I went and packed it in

And I don't wanna die anymore
so come on darling, give me something to live for

And I know I fucked up and I know I done wrong
and that you deserve more than another fucking song
but leaving isn't what I came here for
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