Lyrics to I Don't Know
I Don't Know Video:
Well I can't take this any longerwell I can't be this anymorewell I'm not getting any strongerI don't know how to feel this anymore[Chorus]well you can tell me what you wantafter all that you've done for mewe can't make it all undonecan't you see thatI don't know what to thinkand you can't tell me we're dreamingI wish that I could just let this gowhat I'm thinkingI don't know what I'm feelingwe just need space for breathingI wish that I could just let this gowhat I'm thinking but I don't knowIt happen such a thousnad times beforeI'm up against a wall I can't ignoreI wish you didn't feel so good to holdcause then it wouldn't be so hard to know[chorus]I wish I could tell you that everythingwas gonna be alrightI just wanna love you so maybe Ican let this go[chorus]

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