Lyrics to I Disagree
I Disagree Video:
think i've forgotten most of what it was
i wasn't going to say
words can be so black and white
it should be easier to open up
the box i locked away
i've been at it most all night
the end was just a souvenir
of all the places we got near
but none we ever stayed

i disagree she said
there's a lot of places this could lead
i know love gets confused with need
i disagree she cried
can you feel my heart turn into stone
from walking in this desert wind alone

she liked pretending i could stop the world
so we could be alone
go up on the roof all night
step off the ledge into the wind
and never care where we were blown
everything would turn all right
the end was just a souvenir
of all the castles we got near
none we ever made

and on and on and on she walked alone
until her broken heart surrendered to the stone

the end was just a souvenir
of all the songs that we could hear
none we ever played
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