I Couldn't Get High Lyrics

The Fugs

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Lyrics to I Couldn't Get High
I Couldn't Get High Video:
Well, I went to a party
just the other night
I wanted to feel my mind was light
so I picked up a bottle
and I started drinking wine
I thought pretty soon, I'd be feeling fine....
but I couldn't get high! Oh, No!
I don't know why, Oh, No!
so I took out my pipe
and I stuffed it full of grass
I took out a match
and I lit it real fast
I huffed, I puffed
I smoked and I toked
but after awhile, my heart was nearly broke.....
cause I couldn't get high, Oh, No!
Don't know why, Oh, No!
so I got me a cube of LSD
sat down to wait
for it to hit me
I waited, meditated,
but couldn't get stoned
I had to give up and head for home.....
cause I couldn't get high, Oh, no!
don't know why, oh, no!
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