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Lyrics to I C'ant Let You Invade Me
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One day I waked up still fucked up from last night
Then someone introduces himself in my mirage
By shooting me a rock in the back of my head
But I was not understanding the sound of this miracle

Why is this happening to I who am small
Why those thing are unpredictable in one way
I've got to cure my sadness and kill my fears

the other night there was a guy who said to me with his cane
Do not let the chance of awakening
The murderer side who lives deep in you
he is stronger than your own soul and is seeking blood

Where are you my protective of my thought
I need your wisdom to prevent me
To let evaporate the hatred wich chokes me

If only I could face you
to be able to insert you a dagger in the heart
and to prevent you has never to haunt me again

as if I were only for you a vulgar harmful effect
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