Lyrics to I Can't Imagine
I Can't Imagine Video:
(with Lauren Kennedy, Sarah Stiles)

I cant stand the idea of a new school with new people
What if they all hate us
I'd die
What if gary jim and ted dont wanna go with us
I would just die
What if we fdont get in the same sorority
Oh my god I would really die

Since we started senior year
Theres one thing on my mind
What happens when the tree of us leave high school far behind

What if I dont get admited but both of you do
What if all the got left is a dorm room for two
I would not get by no I think I would die
If I cant share collage with you
I cant imagine I cant imagine
Not having both of you there at my side
I cant imagine no I cant imagine
Not being with you the rest of the ride
Yes I know I still have ted whos in my head and heart
But you are the most important thing in my life
I cant imagine us ever being apart

Maybe jim and I will live together
You cant do that its not right
Besides the collage wont let you
Freshman stay in the dorm
We got to have a plan
So much to think about sororities our boyfriends

One thing just occured to me
That fills me up with fear
What happens if that brend up there is still around next year
What if every girl is pretty and looks like a star
What if every girl has money and drives her own car
Can we play the game when its not the same as it is right here where we are

I cant imagine I cant imagine
Not being popular part of that group
I cant imagine no I cant imagine
People wont love us whatever we do

All life long we've been adored
Which makes me sort of proud
Cause that is the most important thing in this life
I cant imagine us being one of the crowd

Right now we're fine right here we're great
Our world is how its supposed to be
I keep in line my path is straight
As I hold both of you close to me

Hurrying into the future
But not letting go of the past
Taking account of what matters and making it last

imagine where we are
imagine what comes next

I cant imagine uh huh I cant imagine
Everythings perfect the way it is here
I cant imagine no I cant imgaine
how we will be In a year next year
Who we are the things we do
Took four years to maintain
Now this is the most important time in my life
I cant imagine oh I cant imagine
I cant imagine why it should change
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