Lyrics to I Can Feel The Power
I Can Feel The Power Video:
You're the King of Kings, You're the Lord of Lords
Yet You're right here by my side
Why is it that whenever I pray
I'm always looking to the sky?

Because You're right next to me and You're making a plea
for my heart to open my eyes
but while I ramble and talk I own the hands on the clock
while You're itching just to change my life

I can feel the power of His presence in this place
I can feel His mighty hands holding me
and I can hear his magnified voice whispering softly "I'm with you"
wherever it is that I may be

You always said that no matter what
I'm more precious to You that gold
it's like there's nothing that I can do
to make You love me anymore

Although I'm trying so hard, it seems that You are so far
though I know it's just me that moved
I'm reaching out for Your love, but my arms aren't long enough
so I need some help to get to You


Although I get so confused
I tell myself You care
throughout everything the good and the bad
You'll always hear my prayers

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