Lyrics to I Came Alive!
I Came Alive! Video:
Woke up this morning and put on my face
I came alive
Unstuck my sideburns and jumped into space
I came alive I came alive

You cut the heavens and dealt out some grace
I came alive
Put on a fever and burned up this place
I came alive I came alive

Pick up the beach boys phone tell
Acid cat he's not alone
Cause out where the buffalo roam
The wizard has a nice home

So open your arcane books
And summon a magic cook
Cause we live in an uncharted zone
And our cupboards are dry as a bone

Woke up this morning burrowed in my nest
I came alive
Unzipped my skin suit and aired out my chest
I came alive I came alive

A scorpion without a frog
A footstep in the mud
A path through Jurassic woods
A trip around the neighborhood

So pick up the beach boys phone
Call an Indian god and goddess
Thank you to Ganesh and thank you Pocahantas
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