I Believe In Anarchy Lyrics

The Exploited

Punk's Not Dead

Lyrics to I Believe In Anarchy
I Believe In Anarchy Video:
I Believe In Anarchy let's see you pogo!

I'm not ashamed of being a Punk
and i don't care and don't give a damn
and i don't care what you say
cause i believe in anarchy

I I I I I'm not afraid
and I I I I I'm not ashamed
cause I stil believe in anarchy

Go to a pub and pick up a byrd
you take her back for the casual fuck
you drive her home in your old mans car
but you have to go duchess cause you've got no doms


I'm not afraid of having a Fight
and i'm not ashamed about getting drunk
and i don't care what you say cause
I believe in Anarchy
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