Lyrics to I Am
I Am Video:
I Am The Murdered, The Pervert, Sick To The Core
I Am The Unclean, Dope Fiend, I Am The Whore
I Am The Beat Down, Mistreated, Sexually Abused
I Have Violated, Fornicated and sexually Used
I Am The Con Artist, Cold Hearted, Smooth Preacher
Cash Stealer, Emotion Bleeder, The Soul Lecher
I Feed Off The Poor But I'm A Slave To The Rich
I'm In Depression So, This Reflection is Making Me Sick
Are You The One That's Come To Set Me Free ?
Cause If You Knew Who I Am, Would You Really Want To Die For Me ?
They Say You Are The Cursed Man, The One Who Hangs From This Tree
I Know This Is The One and only son of GOD But Tell Who the fuck is he!
So tell me!
I Am Fake, A fraud, A Phony, I'm Known Liar
Anorexic, Rejected Object of your desire
Suicidal Thoughts, Keep one in the chamber
I'm A turned out streetwalking Heroin Banger
I Am a secret cutter, Porn lover, The Town, Drunkard
Next Door, Neighborhood slut, I am Somebody's mother
Out casted arrogant bastard son
I am the talk of the town but this story's just begun
I am what you reaped, I am what you sewed
I am that guy talking to himself, I am alone
I'm the forgotten child ravaged and raped through sex traffic
And Since I'm a little strange, My daddy called me a faggot
I am insecure, Immature, Even I Discuss Me
In denial, Pill Pop'n, Prescription junkie
I see demons, Eyes Bleeding, My Soul Impure
Already know that I'm the disease, But tell me what's the cure?
This is me, We are him and I am you
Old things have passed away and all things become new!
Songwriters: Benson, Howard / Bernardo, Noah / Curiel, Marcos / Daniels, Mark / Sandoval, Paul
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group
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