Lyrics to I AM In PM
I AM In PM Video:
Everybody's looking for me
But i'm hiding out in Time Square now
They think i'm the one that attacked them
Now all they want is to get me out

Everybody knows that i want out
But can't let go

Standing outside my apartment
They scream my name out loud
I try to make a point to forget
But a whisper is all that comes out

You come running to me
And tell me i can't let go
I'm better off in this city
And i'm better off to just let it show

Everybody knows that i want out
But you can't let go

I'm too shy for the cops
Peaking out from the drapes
Their lights invade the empty lots
But the real crime is beyond the tape

They break down my front door
And pour through my fizzled rooms
But i was gone way before
They interrogated you

Searching for a cab
But the empty roads are smiling sad

Pushing out this last hour
Even though you want me to stay
The perks of being a wallflower
Are the same as fading away

They give you a day to leave town
And six months to adapt
But if you don't change or get out
Then consider yourself trapped

You get in to get out
It's a heaven with a hell of a drought

Waiting for silence to take me somewhere
Waiting for someone or something
To get me the fuck out of here
Just take me there

Lie to me and say
It'll be okay
Someone please just take me
Some place safe
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