I Am Holden Caulfield Lyrics

Contingency Plan, The

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Lyrics to I Am Holden Caulfield
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This is the last time I'll say it

Cause I might be too busy to write

And this time I mean it

Cause I'm leaving town tonight

Well I'm gone

I'm leaving town

Well I'm gone

I'm leaving you

So I sit alone again

Maybe winter will pass me by

Like a candle in the wind

Doesn't mean that I won't try

If summer comes around

I'll break out of this shell

I'll never come back down

Even though I may fail

Will you ever take a stand?

Tell anyone anything?

Cause if you don't stand for something

You will always stand for nothing

A girl might build me up

But then I'd take a fall

Cause if it weren't for bad luck

I'd have no luck at all

Pretend I'm what I'm not

Packing heat to make me tough

Will I ever get a shot

To do what I love

Will you ever take a chance?

It just might change your life

Just believe in yourself

Take my hand and roll the dice

Roll the dice
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