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Lyrics to I Am God
I Am God Video:
[Verse 1:]
I know what you've been missing,
it's Me, 'cause you've been searching deeply
for love that won't hurt you;
it is Me you're looking for, 'cause...

I am love, I will not fail,
I am your God, I will prevail.
I am love that will not scar,
give me your wounded heart.

I am God, it will do you well to praise me.
I am God, there is nothing that can phase me.
I don't change when your world gets dark and crazy,
you will be still and know that I am God.

[Verse 2:]
No more doubting My words,
now that you've seen and you've heard
what My love can do for you;
it is me your looking for, 'cause...




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