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Lyrics to I Am A Robot
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This silence is killing me
cause I got a secret, a secret to tell. Some things are better left unsaid,
but I never learned my lesson all that well.

So who's laughing now?
Yeah who's laughing now?
I'm looking for your love in all the wrong places.
Wrap your promises around my finger
so I dare not forget.

Promise you'll bury me,
underneath my burden and my misery. Yeah, you said you'd bury me so we can hide the body easily.

My dreams get darker with each coming night.
So I made a pact with the killing moon,
to shine on towns that I'll be passing through.
Cause I've dreamt of a killer's silhouette danced across my bedroom walls,
and I fear that when I awake
I'll be nothing more than all alone.

And I'll be your alibi,
and we can shake these city streets up tonight.
With our hands to the sky,
watch as it swallows you whole.
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