Lyrics to I Already Know
I Already Know Video:
I know that you think you're no good at this
I've seen how your tongue gets tied in a twist
Trying to make sense of everything you feel inside
I know that you think you'll fuck it all up
I know how you've been unlucky in love
Hard to open up when all you feel is terrified
But you don't have to say it
Cuz I already know it
There's something in your eyes can't help but show it
You don't have to tell me you love me
Cuz I already know that you do
I know that you think you can't get it right
Gotten used to disappointment and fights
Told yourself that maybe you're just not cut out for love
You think that things like this, they never work out
Not for guys like you, your head's full of doubt
You feel like you're crazy, never gonna find the one
And you can't always say it
You feel afraid to show it
Words get misconstrued
They're always taken the wrong way
The game can feel so hard
It seems easier not to play
You spend a lot of time
Not knowing what to feel or say
I know that it's hard
I know and baby it's okay
Do you know that this is hard for me too?
Do you know I feel as crazy as you?
We've both got issues, used our share of tissues
In the past
It makes me want to laugh when I think of
Two fuck-ups like us just trying to find love
Trying not to blow it, fighting รข??gainst the odds to
Make it last
And I can't always say it
But still I hope you know it
And babe, if I can't tell you I love you
I hope you already know that I do
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