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Lyrics to I Ain't The One (Remix)
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[Juvenile]Girl, you looking for a Hot Boy ha, ghetto rough haYou wanna see how it is to have me tossin' you up haLook, I'm 5' 11", bull legged, skinny, you get it andNow settle down and let Juvie handle his bidness andTurn it over, tune it up, let me hit thatAin't a better place you could be so you could quit thatYou with that nigga, haPlayin' games, askin' for change'Round my people sayin' your name[Profyle]Girl, you should know playin' around with fireAnd you might get you burnedYou must be insideTo think that I'm a hoax playin' me for easy sleezyBaby, you should knowThat not the way I rollNo1- Don't play dumb when you know you want someYou ain't gon' get itBaby, you know I ain't the oneHe was your man, but he's my best friendSo I ain't gon' hit itBaby, you know I ain't the oneI just can't understandWhy you wanna go behind the back of my best friendMessin' around with meYou must be insaneDon't you realize the game recognizes game?So face reality, don't hate on meRepeat 1Repeat 1Don't get it on, get it onGet it on, get it on, on onI can't get it on, get it onGet it on, uh uh uh uhI ain't crazy (I ain't crazy)See this is all too closeDon't try to play me (Don't try to play me like a fool)But baby I ain't the oneDon't play dumbWhen you know you want some (Don't you want me baby?)He's my best friend (He's my friend)He's your manBaby I can't go on[Juvenile]Ah, whatchu worryin' 'bout me for, babe where you live?You needs to clean yourself up and take care of them kidsLet me tell you did, I'm a man, you understand?I don't wanna touch you with my hands, you understand?But I'm gon' leave that 'lone, let that goJust make sure it don't happen no moreI'ma hafta admit it girl, you thicker than a stickerBut I'ma let you go cuz you got your nigga witchaRepeat 1 to fade

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