I Ain't Ever Satisfied Lyrics

Earle Steve

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Lyrics to I Ain't Ever Satisfied
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I was born by the railroad tracks

Well the train whistle wailed and I wailed right back

Well papa left mama when I was quite young

He said now "One of these days you're gonna follow me son"


I ain't ever satisfied


I ain't ever satisfied

Now I had me a woman she was my world

But I ran off with my back street girl

Now my back street woman could not be true

She left me standin' on the boulevard thinkin' bout you

I got an empty feeling deep inside

I'm going over to the other side

Last night I dreamed I made it to the promise land

I was standin' at the gate and I had the key in my hand

Saint Peter said "Come on in boy, you're finally home"

I said "No thanks Pete, I'll just be moving along"
Songwriters: EARLE, STEVE
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