Lyrics to I-i-i (a Wave)
I-i-i (a Wave) Video:
How long you been waiting around?
How long you been swalling yourself back down?
With your feet planted on the ground,
You get high to the anguish of falling down.
You know that there's nothing beyond a doubt.
Over and upward you're billowing out.
Out here, it's a long way down and you've only got one chance,
Just one time to come around!
I get carried away on a wave,
You know that the cosmos cycles around to the rhythm
that your heart pounds
With you're feet coming through the ground,
you fall high to the frenzy of getting down!
I get carried away on a wave headlong between ecstasy
and an empty cup of tea bottoming out endlessly.
Spitting possibility, you're carrying me away.
A wave!
A wave!
A wave!
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