Lyrics to I, Aquarius
I, Aquarius Video:
My mother made me strong in naming me
But names are only words
And words fall silent and
Faster than the telltale tear hits the ground

And I've made words my life
And they've made me asleep
When my tear's fallen I can't speak
How will I be saved?

I was born bearing water
So I built a house by the sea
And weathered many storms
But even the waves between
That used to wash me clean
Are stronger now and
Starting to break me down

And I've always given my shelter
Made the lost sailor my friend
When his ship sails and the storm comes to shore
Who will build me back up again?

My father says I'm like a rock
But I feel more like a stone
Broken, skipped and thrown
And nothing more, than sand and ore
Held together by the grace of time

And I can carry my own weight
And you can hold on for the ride
But I can't promise I won't shed tears or
Be swept away by the tide
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