Lyrics to Hyphen Hater
Hyphen Hater Video:
I'm a hyphen hater
If you are inbetween my words
I'll see you later
Cos I'm a hyphen hater
You are silent when I speak
But I can see you on paper

You are higher than an underscore
But no more
To me, you're as dead as Latin
I can't even hear you, when I am chattin'

'Z' comes after 'Y'
We all know that
So why did you have to get involved?
Like some big man dat

Was there something wrong with my grammar?
Well now it doesn't matter
My name is four letters
Split by the button which is fatter

You are only good for pause
But when I got my flow
No one will stop me
Until I bring the applause

My alphabet goes from Jay to Zee
You are not a proper letter
So that that is why, I have decided
That a space is much better

This should not be a surprise to you
Your kind of character was up for being dismissed
So now that you are free
Go catch some vibes with brother asterisk

Forward slash, back slash, hash tag, comma
No thank you
Only the alphabet will do
I'm keepin' it simple with syllable two

After zero is where you belong
At the end of all those numbers is where you are strong
Sharing with cousin underscore
Plus and equals sitting next door
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