Hymn For A Heathen Lyrics


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Lyrics to Hymn For A Heathen
Hymn For A Heathen Video:
Ritual of mourning
No praying in his faith
A heathen is rejoicing
No God, so there's no grace

How can he understand this
When war is at each hand?
Rejecting all mysteries
He just won't see...
That saved, he can be

Forgive the heathen -he's asleep now
All that he can do
Of him I'll ask-
Is your soul worth the price to pay?

Well, finally discovered
When he looked upon your face
The melodies that kept him
From dying in this place (more and more)
What it really comes to
Is the passion that we shared
In this fight I gave everything
And I never held anything back

But by the time he found this out
I had walked away
I had moved on to another place
And another day - it was too late.

What are his chances now?

What can I do?
I'm confessing here
As I'm waiting for you -
Yes, I'm waiting for you...
With this hymn for a heathen.

Can you hear me now?
Won't you please hear me now?
All I'm praying for is a heathen.

Lord, he's not the same man now
He can't hear you anymore...
'cause his old ways -
His old ways are gone...
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