Hydro Implement Indiglow Lyrics


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Lyrics to Hydro Implement Indiglow
Fin o' mane.
Band o' Kane.
Two pins angry.
Van poke deed. Harlem oat sleeve.
Candle late seem. Fatal safe. In d'oh all turn.
Full o' keen kerosene.
Cold bait moon is looming a tune on its faltering broom.
Make Waldo's seat burn at a single touch of a piece of ice.
Time soaks laster in thuh noise.
Pisaròn condors a fone.
A can o'. Fast a pan o'.
Lock the hoagie. Hyme love farms & in toured D Don.
O wind taint a ünd.
Holster stan o' matic now on sale for the copper eaters.
Is a home a dome of cheat.
Tis dis onet.
Tyco is suffering copyright infringement now.
Hydro implement indiglow beans,
don't confess (consuit?)
Over planping. Static Don't tell the door!!
Happy make a hog out of vase!!
Inseprate I meant some toenails!! Goo fever is aid.
Gag one solid born cave!!
Gap hit a lamb o' fork haven!!
Hidden organ under a hoop of stun!!
Harken, Horken, Hurkin.
Blate in dome I deem cord auto clean observe sain.
Seat fate on flow soon in deer saddle odd job lane.
Chotter condo idle ton folk.
My vacuum cleaner is sofa!!
Wait go wait!!
Cloud bleeding knife and toe beam drop!!
Unleash mine rabid cans of yellow potatoing carr(bean)ot.
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