Lyrics to Hustlin
Hustlin Video:
[feat. Brooke Valentine]

... all the bills overdue
I wanna take care of you
But it is so frustrating
When I look in your eyes
I can see that you are tired
Of all the things we are going through
Don't let them worry you
Some will work it over
Like we always do
Double up on a paper check
Put a smile upon your face
I'm gonna go get that money in
Bring it home put it in your lap
So baby don't you lose your cool
Let me do what I got to do
Listen baby would you take a chance
Now that I got you

I am a hustler baby
No matter what the trouble is
I will find a way
I am a hustler baby
Get a lot of past baby
I won't get in your way

Keep hustling baby
I know there is a lot of pain
But there will be better days
Keep hustling baby
I'm gonna ride on top
Is just you and I

Baby I can relate to what you're going through
I'm right there with you
I'm gonna hold you down

So you got to worry about nothing
Tell me where it hurts baby
Tell me what you want baby
I'll get it
Did you have a long day?
Just save it
Won't you just relax and let me rub... away
I know when you pay the...
I know you... like every day
You can go and get that money in
I won't question you where you've been
Oh daddy I won't lose the cool
Do what you got to do
Oh baby won't you take chance
And you know that I got you


Shorty say you will stay with me always
Baby I ain't going no where
You know I am down for you
Baby I got your back if you are tired
Baby you know that I care for you
Why is that I love you more than anything
And you know you will always be my boo
That's why you are my wife
I'll do anything for you

Keep hustling baby
I'm gonna keep hustling baby
Oh baby

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