Lyrics to Hush
Hush Video:
And every day he cries, he gets closer to releif
With his bitter lullabies full of love and anger
It's just the thought of you makes him fade into the background
'cause he just wanted you to notice him once in awhile

It's every time you love with these chances that you will take
'Cause you might be the lucky one this time 'round
But if it happens to leave you broken
You've got to know, it's for a reason

Hush now
Don't you ever want to be free?
Hush now

Hush now
You know someday you're gonna be free
Hush now

Only the lonely know what it's like to hang around here
'Cause lonely isn't always alone
Love picks you up until it runs you right down
And then you grow and then you know

Now maybe there's enough of that beauty from within
To make all these broken things worth while
You might hear me if you just stop talking
You'll never know what you've been missing
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