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Lyrics to Hurricane Bubba
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Bubba dodged the draft in Vietnam, If Hitler was alive today he'd say, "Peace Man"
But the 60's came and the 60's went, and now Bubba is part of the Establishment
Got elected by 42%, He became the quota president
Packed the car and went to Washington D.C., He brought Al & Tipper & Hillary

{He's a taxraiser, promise breaker, adulterer, He's a draft dodger, Liberal dictator, potsmoker}

Made a lot of promises for which he is famous, Wants a gay man up the army's anus
Knows you've got money and he want's it, If air wasn't free he'd put a tax on it
Says the countries problems are ones you made, I never burned a cross or owned a slave
He's even got a man for a spouse, People are crashing planes into his house


He's got a dirty sock for a knob, Jennifer Flowers did the cleaning job
Tried to bag Ms. Paula Jones, Should have let Ted Kennedy drive her home
Other women just come naturally, Bubbas got 'em and so does Hillary
He thinks he's every woman's best, Better get that guy a Kevlar vest

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