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Lyrics to Hurrah Hurrah Apocalypse
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I am the amazon, a warrior in shades I rule my dynasty, your holiday in Hades I am the amazon. The zombie femme from hell I walk where money talks. My army dies to tell Cry baby cry, see Emily play Liss earth goodbye. Hello judgement day Boom boom bye bye. The demons be gone Bomb til you drop a space marathon The vultures feed. We're selling our souls Big Money talks. Big Money controls Enola Gay. Launch massive attack Hurrah hurrah .The army strikes back Behold United Nations. Come hear my prophecy Destroy civilization. Come join the mutiny The gods of earth and heaven. The rich and infamous The world implodes forever. Collapse the universe Hurrah hurrah apocalypse. Hurrah hurrah apocalypse Hurrah. Nothing's gonna save us this time We are going down Hurrah hurrah apocalypse. Hurrah hurrah apocalypse Aaah hurrah Godzilla roars. Nations on parase War end all wars. A nuclear cascade Hailstorm immense. A crash and a bang Nature's revenge .The last tiger fang The vultures feed. We're selling our souls... The hungry beast of horror. Six hundred sixty six Let rockets build a cover. On my plutonium whigs One hundred fallen angels, one thousand babylons The sound of bomb alarm bells And screaming electrons Destroy destroy destruction until the bitter end The final satisfactio,n construction time again Beyond the war and sorrow. We break the holy seal A brand new world tomorrow. A world of make believe

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