Lyrics to Hungry
Hungry Video:
Monday is for making [?] pistols
A twenty day to wistles
Gun powder [?] your mouth like [?] cristals
Gotta play the [?] if it ain't is gonna [?] the tissue
Cut you so deep the raise the [?]
[?] that's down to the [?] give me the [?] in the [?]
New king of the underground announce in the [?]
2000 I call the [?] in my home
Yeah I need rapers smell in the 80 I took alone
I'm in the spot smelling like [?]
[?] on my own the [?] me a [?] in my zone
Got a [?] microphone
Rippin with ice [?] forever I'm ready to give my [?]
Even if it's a love song
I'm ready to pop on MM
Get on [?] need a rock yes yes and I'm so best dressed
The bitches say [?] guess it's [?]

When I get in my zone to get low
Livin [?] with [?] go home
Why it happen to get [?] to the owe
So niggas don't hoe

Yeah nah nah you can act [?]
Some I gotta act myself not to [?]
Try to teach the kids to grow up
And to be a [?] I'm like a pitbull I wanna bite the chihuahua
But then you got these nigga you never in the drive by
If you ain't' never put in the burb to [?]
Only thing I ain't [?]
A lot of times I ask to [?]
Why you [?] with rain dior [?] in lilana mour
Or am I [?] be punished 'cause I'm [?]
I'll be rumming [?] y'all niggas is dinosaur
Get em out of here [?] like Diana [?]
This is hip hop and I'm notice this is [?] the line is craw
So I'm ready to stop signing [?]
Niggas and pussy and I can prove it to you
Punch em int he face [?] and you [?] to you
I do it to [?] and I ain't got no [?]

Signing like [?]

When I get in my zone and get [?]
Why have to get the back and [?]
Niggas I'm home

This niggas so hungry
So niggas on home
True talk to em
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