Lyrics to Hunger Within
Hunger Within Video:
[ Lyrics: Milad Tangshir ]

As I awake through this pain, cold winds on my neck
I hear them whispering to me
Worried words don't rush to me,
I decide where you ought to be
I feel the warmth upon my face

Oh my eyes, I can not see
God, what they've done to me
My eye holes are empty, my sight is gone
Oh! where is my love what you've done to her

I feel so numb now
I shouldn't get confused
Through this eternal darkness
My love where are you, how could I find you
I crawl on my knees, screaming your name

Oh my eyes, I can not more
God, what you've done to me
My eye holes are empty, my sight is gone
By hands I'll search this land, I must find you
Tell me where you are
Don't you know I feel so cold inside?
You said I must break free from all the pain inside
And the dark ...covers me now

Oh my love, sometimes I still feel your breath
Come to me
You must come and taste, taste my unknown world
This is a dream as old as history

Drown me in

Light as electric innocence
Doubt became the narrator
Dream is destiny
Denial: path of the blind

Sing to me, my dead muse
I'm writing the waltz of darkness

That purple opened
And I lost me color, lost you
Done with your neck,
The machine disappears
And I'm all in blood with you
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