Lyrics to Hundred Dollar Bills
Hundred Dollar Bills Video:
Half a million dollars in hundred dollar bills
Neatly bound together, straight out of the mill
Hundred dollar bills

In a burlap bag marked fresh pecans they sit
In the back seat of my brand new corvette
My new corvette

Speedometer reads ninety, gas gauge says half full
Nothin' out in front of me, no tellin' where I'll go
Where I'll go

In the mirror behind me lights still flashin' on
They've been followin' me since back in San Antone
Back in San Antone

I ain't never broke the law, least not until today
But when I did, I did it the right way

Back in San Antonio was a life I couldn't keep
More loss and heartache than a soul should have to see
A soul should see

It was there that I resolved to turn my life around
Thanks to old Col. Frost I'm committed to it now
Committed now

Up ahead's a check point, they're throwin' spike strips down
Tires don't take kindly, throwin' sparks up off the ground

Loadin' up my twelve gauge as I'm screechin' to a halt
This'll be a day they won't forget when I'm gone
When I'm gone (repeat x 4)
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