Lyrics to Hummingbird
Hummingbird Video:
When it's cold it's too cold here
When it's hot it's too hot, dear
We were up for a while
Now it's come time to fold

I've been leaning on you
Without reason or truth
Now I'm dreaming of leaving my demons
And the first one I'm leaving is you

Well it's foolish to pretend
I can't do it again
They tell you you live and you learn
Yeah but they never tell you when

I've always been waiting for something
Someone to come pull me through
Now I see that it's all up to me
There ain't nothing no one else can do

We've worn our backsides out
You know what I'm talking about
I wanted so much to please you
But we were living in doubt

Raise a glass for the memories
Some take all they can get
When we met you seemed so easy and free
How could anyone settle for anything less?
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